by Brandon Sudeyko (@intheoradio)

In the last 48 hours, there has been much talk about the CHLPA and what it is and what it isn't. Many players have voiced their opinion both in favour of and opposed to a proposed union for CHL players. Players have said that no one knows anything about this union, while a CHLPA rep has said 99.9% of the players in the league know about the proposed union.

Along with the banter of "is there or isn't there", are questions surrounding the CHLPA about what do they want? What will this union fight for? Will they get more money? better educational packages? more concessions for players?

With these questions about players, the focus shifts to the franchises and whether or not all clubs in every league could succeed. What would happen to the small market franchises? would the rich get richer? Could this impact recruitment of players?

Up until now... there has been no firm answers to these questions. What ITO presents to you is not answers to these questions, just the presentation of documents that have been presented to players who do know about the CHLPA.

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